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  1. We Start with a Sketch Design

We’ve been receiving so many enquiries, how do you make the bags? By hand? Yes, we answer. Fully By hand. but how? We’ve decided to decode with our latest work ‘The Vera Collection’. Firstly, we always start with a design in mind- sketch. On the right, one of the sketches I want to make real ( Usually do a few sketches & choose our favourite from that variation ) During this process, for this particular design, we have yet to decide the leather material we will be using at this point.

2. Bag Pattern Making.

One of the most important step is to make pattern out of paper / card to create that bag with the paper pattern before actually going into it. This ensures the size, the cutting & shape to be perfect. Important step that shall not be missed. In this image, we have used various paper scrape that we have to create the pattern ( Don’t waste paper! Use what you have !)

paper pattern

paper pattern

drawing pattern

drawing pattern

3. Hand-cutting our Leather Material

We draw the pattern on the back of the leather material with a special ink pen ( Ink will disappear after few hours ) and proceed to hand-cut them. As seen on the image on right, leather are cut into parts for the bags.

4. Sewing Smaller Important Parts Together First

Inner pockets, sometimes handles, logo on the inside are all sewn first before actually piecing the bigger pieces together.

cut 1
cut 2

Hand-Sewing Techniques

Sewing impression / holes have to punched by hand before hand-sewing.

craftman artisan
cut 2

5. Sewing together all the parts.

IMG 4775



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