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Essentials Meets Fashion

CSHEON Essentials Collections

Here at #CSHEON Our team hopes for the very best for all & please #StaySafe and wear a mask everywhere! The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the world in many ways but do not lose hope. Good days will come! The essential collection is a design of a team effort from #CSHEON Leather Atelier. We have designed a few multipurpose pouches where you can keep your virus prevention products with ease – [and a little more fashionable] Your Hand Sanitiser, Disinfectant Spray, Disposable Gloves & a mask holder. [ Face Mask shall not be exposed or left on a public table & highly recommended to store in a proper storing area when taken off ] We have designed the pouches to be accessed easily, without having to search for your universe in the bag. Hang it outside your bag, your key chain, on your belt as a waist pouch. However you like and the easiest access for you! We have also designed some more ‘fashionable’ mask. These mask are made of leather but could be washed daily and comes with an area to put your refillable mask filter. Remember to change your mask filter daily! Not to mention, these products will be giving more job opportunities to our Ladies in need , read more info here.

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