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Here or Contact us through email Alternatively you may ย facebook message us. Provide us detailed design drawing or image, information etc. Min Order for Custom Work is $350 / RM 1500

Confirmation Before Production

We will then double confirm all info after payment. For very complicated designs, we will provide a pattern drawing or 3D Pattern from before production. After double confirmation, we will start making the piece!

We Will Ship To You

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy. We will do the work and deliver the piece to you, right infront of your doorstep! We can also deliver to your loved ones, if this is a gift. Pieces will come with Packaging Box / dustbag. We ship worldwide.

Instalment accepted [Hoolah] For Malaysia & Singapore Customers. Reward Points Available for redemption.


CSHEON provides custom made, fully handcrafted leather pieces service. Custom Made based on your design request & needs. Enquire now for a price quotation of your dream bag! [ We do Any kind of leather goods ] It will be fully handcrafted & made with top quality genuine leather materials. #PreservetheArtofHandcraftingLeather

CSHEON does not accept any walk in or in person enquiries for custom designs. Please use the below form for price quotation with as much of description as possible for an accurate price quotation. The design of your desired piece should be clear with dimensions. [ For those who has no design and requires our assistance for design consultation, There will be an upfront additional design / consultation fee for designing services that will be waived upon order.- ] No design fees for those who comes with a clear design image / drawing.ย 

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We are a leather workshop based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & trained in Florence, Italy. We provide global shipping services for bespoke bags and cater to a diverse clientele from countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brunei, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, China and many others. India and Hong Kong. We craft our custom made bags ourselves and entirely by hand which we firmly believe, should be a form of art to be preserved.

We have admiration and respect forย  beautifully well-made leather pieces. We look at the quality of the materialsย as much as theย quality of workmanship and finish. CSHEON believes , style, durability & customers needs should all come in line together.

Weย never settle for a standardized product,ย we have anย eye for detail, we are our most demanding critics.



Please inform us if you do not want your piece to be displayed here.

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Question : How long will it take to make my dream piece?

Answer: Anywhere in between 4-30 days. Really depending on the design & also availability of the material. If we have the correct materials in the studio, it’ll take a lot faster.ย 

Question: I have a vision for my dream bag but I don’t have a design drawing and I want to look at materials, Can I come to your studio?

Answer: Firstly, We are not currently not accepting any guest in our studio due to the outbreak until further notice. You can either draw your design, don’t worry it doesn’t have to be a perfect art but as long it is understandable and do remember to put the measurements & also the material style description! We’ll need those as accurate as possible for a price quotation.

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Second option, if you are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We could do a meet up with an upfront fee consultation/ design fee upfront (per hour) – the design consulting session will be free upon the order of the piece and waived. We would prefer if you could explain what you are hoping for so we could also bring some material sample-if available. We will only be able to provide the design after the meet up and you could do small changes with the design up to 4 times.

It is hard to find real artisans these days.ย Crafting handmade products takesย time and effort.

It is the time we take to listen to our customers, understand their needs, and advise them in the choices.It is the time we put into the realisation of each bag, looking for the elegance of the proportions and the lines, taking care of every detail.


How do we determine the price?

  • The Design Style, what type of skills needed, how hard is it to achieve the look, workmanship and how long it will need to achieve the style. What type of hand-tools do we have to use? It all depends.
  • The Type of Material, Calfskin & Lambskin leather is most commonly used and easily obtainable. Exotic leathers will come at a higher price, depending on availability & it should be handled by high level artisans. If we have the materials in stock, there will not be a waiting time for materials.
  • How much of material needed. Bigger, smaller–makes a huge difference. More or less leather, lesser threads, this all makes a difference.
  • If there is a deadline or speed up request, depending on our order volume on hands.
  • Additional charges for Initials / logo.
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Custom Made

Custom Made Order Request. Fill in the form for us to understand your request & give you a price quotation. We will need to determine the types and amount of materials, the workmanship needed, types of threading etc. Please refill a new form if you have multiple design.

  • We usually will whatsapp / text / email you. We do not make calls. Might be used for delivery info as well.
  • Please provide your delivery address so we can determine the postage fees. Please include your state, country and postcode. Yes, we ship worldwide.
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 2 GB.
      Please upload clear image / design drawing ( Don't worry you don't have to be a fashion designer but as long as clear designs) Preferably with size / dimensions on the image as guidance. We will need to determine the style of products which equals to different types of skills needed, amount and type of materials needed and etc. Which will let us conclude the final custom made piece pricing. If you are unable to upload, please email or altenatively whatsapp us at +60146438665
    • Drop files here or
      Max. file size: 2 GB.
        It will help if you have images / inspiration of the type of material you would like. We can then suggest. If you do not have an image, please fill in the material description below.
      • You may explain your description of your dream piece if needed! Leave empty if no. You can describe the style, materials, etc.
      • Leave empty for individual pieces. For bulk orders, corporate, weddings, parties , gifts or etc. Please state how many piece you will need.
      • Max. file size: 2 GB.
        If you have any logo / patterns required to be on the piece, please upload a clear PNG or JPG image of the logo. We cannot promise we can make the logo on the piece however we will determine from your design choice.
      • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.