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Do you have any ready stock or are the products custom made?

No, there is no ready stock as each piece is exclusively custom made to order only. We make them upon 100% payment. On very, extremely rare occasions, we do have 1 sample piece. If so, we will let you know and if you are alright with the sample piece, we can deliver within 1 business day. However, we mostly only do custom made pieces and most of customers opt for that extra touch of personalisation !

You said all pieces are handcrafted, like which part is handmade and any machines involved?

Here at #CSHEON we are one of the only Online Leather Atelier which still does fully 100% hand-made. Let’s walk you through a summarised process of our product making. First we hand-pick the best leather material ( Mostly First Grain Leather Only  ) we then cut the leather pieces by hand , we then hand-punch each thread hole by hand and of course again, sew them by hand with waxed thick threads ( Waxed Threads can last for a long time and stronger too! ) Depending on the design, we also do edge burnishing by hand or paint, some designs we sew another piece as the edge / sides. Our vision is to preserve this beautiful art of hand-making leather. Just a FAQ, hand-sewn threading tends to be stronger than machine made.

Can I personalise with messages or other text besides NAME?

Depending on the design ( As some pieces are quite small ) But YES, we mostly do custom request! Feel Free to Email us at csheonleather@gmail.com or WHATSAPP Us at +60146438665

How long will it take to make my order?

Depending on order volume and design, it could take anywhere between 4-15 working days for smaller pieces and 6-30 working days for bigger complicated pieces. If we have a huge order volume or if we need to order the material for your piece it might take a little more time. All orders will only be processed upon full payment. Do email us if you have any questions! #CSHEON team hopes to help you as much as we could!

Can you send the order as a gift directly to my receiver?

Absolutely! CSHEON Is a perfect personalised gift for your loved ones, you may write his / her address and details at the checkout page and also purchase a greeting card with your message! Not to mention we also pack #CSHEON pieces in beautiful packaging.

Are these genuine leather? REAL, REAL LEATHER?

Yes, here at #CSHEON we use genuine leather pieces ( sourced from proper manufacturers of course! ) so they could last you…up to a lifetime. As each piece is authentic hide, there might be small minor difference in grain pattern, in its natural behaviour. It is what makes each piece uniquely authentic!

Can you make my design request?

Depending on the design, we might or might not! Do email us a clear image / design pattern and details!

How long can my piece last?

Oh, for a lifetime. If you take care of them properly! Just like the skin, your leather needs some maintenance as well! Use leather conditioning oil or products every 1-2 months or min every 3-5 months and keep them out of extreme weather. Like crazy hot weather or super cold weather. Keep them provided boxes or dustbag if you can!



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