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Leather Craftmanship

Types of different Animal Leather – Full Guide by CSHEON Leather Atelier

Here, CSHEON will talk about the Types of Leather available in this market in the most easy to understand language. We've been receiving emails asking us ' Hey CSHEON, what is the difference between lambskin and calfskin leather' or 'How to identify real genuine exotic leather' so many questions yet we ourselves can't seem to [...]

How CSHEON Makes Leather Bags | Insight to our Handcrafted Purses

We Start with a Sketch Design We've been receiving so many enquiries, how do you make the bags? By hand? Yes, we answer. Fully By hand. but how? We've decided to decode with our latest work 'The Vera Collection'. Firstly, we always start with a design in mind- sketch. On the right, one of the [...]

Leather Craftmanship | CSHEON Atelier

INSIDE THE STUDIO Sophisticated Craftmanship - CSHEON'S Mission is to preserve the art of Handcrafting Leather. We handpick our leather material from legal sources, inspecting its quality, style & authenticity. Then, we hand-cut them & put them together with hand sewing techniques - Did we mention, hand sewn wax coated threads last so much longer [...]