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NOTICE STATEMENT | Firstly, CSHEON Leather would like to thank everyone who has supported our brand. These are very hard times for businesses and individuals. Robinsons MY has released a statement today for closing down both Four Seasons and The Gardens Outlet. We are here to announce that there will not be any warranty coverage for our productsย  purchased from our Robinsons MY Counters as of today, we have yet to receive any form of payment or compensation from Robinsons Malaya Co Sdnย  Bhd from the first day of sales, May 2020. Our products has been mishandles and moved around too often from their party. There is many roadblocks to claiming our remaining stock but we are hoping for the best. Please continue to support us on Our Online Store, Zalora MYย  & SHOPEE MY

Please do continue to support local businesses and together we can go through this! Our Online Platforms are running as usual and CSHEON would like to once again, thank everyone who has ever supported us from the bottom of our hearts! Our Staff are screened regularly for their health and Studio,warehouses-stores are cleaned daily!

With Love,


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