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CSHEON Is helping women in need in Malaysia & South East Asia by providing programs & job opportunities for underprivileged women that educates, enrich & empower.

The Beginning

CSHEON’s ‘providing for women’ started back in 2015 when we first started to form the brand office and workshop. We were looking for artisans / workforce to create our pieces. We advertised through social media / news to look for people who are passionate, loves art & leather making as much as us! We received many feedbacks especially from the ladies who are not exactly- privileged & they were hoping to gain some experience and hope to also top up their monthly income without jobs which requires ‘on-the-book knowledge’ & flexible jobs as many of them are single mothers taking care of children.

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How do we help?

CSHEON provides guidance and training from our ‘In-House Leather Artisans’ trained in Florence, Italy for leather making. Our in house Leather Artisans gives them free professional courses on leather making where these ladies can earn an extra skillset for income boosting or to gain an opportunity to work with us at their own home / time. As we are pushing on fully custom hand-crafted pieces here in CSHEON, tools are very minimal but requires some skills and knowledge for leather making.

Deleted: Upon ‘graduating’ or a green light from our Artisan / Quality Control we will provide them with work from our orders & share a commission of the sales. Many of these ladies have weak education background & here we do not require an education background, only a passionate heart and a will to learn & appreciate art. Ladies will gain a new skill-set in making leather bags & we hope to provide not only a job income opportunity but a community in support where women helps women.

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